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Once you have verified your email, login with your User Name and password. Then go to your "Account Settings" (upper right icon). 

Now at the top of the LEFT side panel, click on the top word "CHANNEL".

Then on the right side you will see 2 white boxes. Put your Channel Name in the 1st box (the one on the left). Your Channel's url will automatically appear in the right hand box.

Then click the purple button below: "Create New Channel". Your Channel will appear below as a large purple box.

Then click on the word "Settings" on the right side of the purple header. Here you can design what your Channel page will look like (add a banner, upload a profile pic, etc.). You can add more info about yourself under the BIO tab.

Then at the bottom UNCLICK the "Disable Channel" button to ENABLE (Start) your Channel. Then hit the purple SAVE button. 

Then go back to the TOP bar and click on VIDEOS. Click "Upload New Video" in the gray panel.

Then create a TITLE (for example: "Guitar Basics"), choose your PRICES (or just leave the default pricing), add TAGS, and a description (here you can give your contact information, if you like. As well as describing the video and what you can do.)

You would click DEMO under HOW-TO TYPE, if it just a performance, or FULL CLASS if it is an actual lesson. And then rate it "ALL AUDIENCES" if there is no nudity or violence. 

Then click the purple button at the bottom that says "Go to Upload Video". Now click on the words in the center to find your video and upload it. 

The larger the video, the longer this will take. Once your video is uploaded, you will see 3 buttons. Click on the top button "EDIT VIDEO". Here you can change things, if you like. And choose your THUMBNAIL PICTURE from the video, or upload your own. 

When you are done, click the PUBLISH button at the bottom and hit SAVE.

Now the next time you upload a video, you can click a purple button on the top of the EDIT page to automatically add all your video info for your next video - and still change anything that needs to be changed. 

This should get you started.

Thank you for joining the HowTubes.TV family!