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HowTubes.TV Launches as New YouTube Alternative

Sherida, USA, 2020-Jul-09 — /EPR Network/ —

YouTubers will be excited to hear about a new video platform called HowTubes.TV, another option for marketing their videos. HowTubes.TV is an ads-free alternative that was designed by a YouTuber, specifically to help YouTubers earn more money from their videos and more quickly than they do on YouTube.

Creators can upload videos, promote them, and make money that same day. They can sell individual videos or offer subscriptions to multiple Playlists within a channel, which can build a solid residual income.

HowTubes.TV offers the same features as YouTube plus some that are unique, such as a Private Channel setting to avoid malicious flagging. And a Mature Content rating that can be monetized (YouTube’s age-restricted content is not allowed monetization).

HowTubes.TV is not prudish. It does not allow pornography but Creators will not be penalized for having affiliation with Adult websites, which is frowned upon by most video platforms. Vimeo will delete your account for this.

Creators are encouraged to keep their YouTube channel for promotion of their exclusive paid content on HowTubes.TV.

Startup is FREE and easy. The site takes a small percentage of sales. No sales, no payments due. HowTubes.TV is partnered with Stripe, a trusted leader in online payment processing.