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We are finally in the Beta testing period for FREE CONTENT and AD-SHARE.


We now have the FREE option for ALL AUDIENCES videos! You can NOW come watch some content for FREE and add your own (for future compensation just like YouTube). Remember to change your current videos to FREE from rental, if you are interested in future ad-share.

The ALL AUDIENCES side of the site will be monetized by Adsense. Mature videos will be monetized by ExoClick.

All content can be monetized by either ad-share or rental. Note: We have not yet fully implemented these programs. And the Seller Tools for pricing your content is now a subscription program.

If you are interested in future earnings through Adsense, now is the time to get started posting your videos, as we will have qualification requirements similar to YouTube.


We will be adding your videos to the front page (Just Uploaded, Most Popular, Featured, etc.). Featured means you will be able to purchase space on the front page for your content.

Thanks for your support! Please let us know what you think and how we can improve.


Here are some more details about the program (as per our Terms):

ALL AUDIENCES content may be monetized by either pricing your content for video rental (which requires a Stripe account) or through Ad-Share with AdSense placed on and around your Free content.

Ad-Share Partnership is dependent upon our affiliation with the AdSense Host API program (, which AdSense determines based on its own parameters. We are working toward eligibility for this program.

To benefit from our future Ad-Share program you must have an AdSense account and be in good standing with our site. Only 'All Audiences' videos qualify for AdSense.

You must apply for the program once you meet the following eligibility requirements:

1. 100 Published Videos.

2. 250,000 unique Views within the last year.

3. 1000 Followers.

4. Zero Strikes within a year.

5. Live in a country where the site and Adsense are available.

6. Have a linked Adsense account.

Acceptance is not guaranteed.

Although we will certify eligibility for this program, we are not responsible for payouts. Payouts and the payout schedule are determined by Adsense. See details here ( Once implemented, revenue will be split three ways, between AdSense, the site, and the content creator.

MATURE rated content can be monetized by either video rental sales or ads expressly for mature content. We are currently working with ExoClick to develop an Ad-Share program.

Our ExoClick Ad-Share program is not yet fully implemented. You will be notified once it is. Requirements for eligibility are the same as the Adsense requirements above.

To benefit from this feature, you must live in an ExoClick serviced country. SELLING mature content requires a Stripe account. Mature content does NOT include pornography.

Although we will certify eligibility for this program, we will not be responsible for payouts. Payouts will be determined by the mature content ad network itself based on your channel's performance.

The Ads-Free Subscription Program:

We do not yet have Partnership sharing for the ads-free subscription program.

We reserve the right to make changes to these requirements at any time.

Stripe available countries are listed at the bottom of the home page of the site.

We'll keep you posted.

The HowTubes.TV Team


BIG NEWS!! We are going to be offering FREE CONTENT and also an AD-SHARE Program with ADSENSE (Yes, just like YouTube!).

So you asked for it - You got it! Well, actually we're working on it. Not sure how long it will take to integrate everything. But we're hoping to have FREE CONTENT (with ads) available very soon. There will be a box in the Edit area where you can label your video "FREE". We will also be offering an ADS-FREE subscription option for VIEWERS. Look for this in the coming weeks.

This means you will not have to create an account with Stripe to get started uploading and sharing your videos, if you label them FREE.

You will need an Adsense account though if you'd like to get paid, some time in the future. We're hoping to have our AD-SHARE Program up and running within the next few months to a year.

Paying Creators with our AD-SHARE Program is going to take some time, however. As we will be using Adsense for that, it will be a relief to those in countries not serviced by Stripe. The hitch, however, is that we cannot integrate ADSENSE until we have more than 100k views a day and we're not quite there yet. So if you want to get paid, spread the word!

We are working now to develop an Application Process, and putting together the qualifying requirements for that. This will include integrated calculations and measurements of things such as: 1) Number of Viewed Hours; 2) Number of Followers; 3) Number of Videos; 4) and If there are any Strikes against your account. We will be striving to make it less arduous than YouTube's requirements, but if you would like to be a part of this program (in the future), we suggest you start adding FREE video content and sending viewers to it right away. We will let you know WHEN you can start doing this.

Strikes would be any violations against our Terms and Agreements. Such as Copyright Claims, Mature Content posted as "All Audiences", Hate Speech, etc. See our Terms for further details. Mature rated content can still be monetized through our rental tools.

NEWS FOR CURRENT CREATORS: Our Creator tools for selling your video content will soon be a Subscription Service. BUT IF YOU HAVE ALREADY JOINED AS A CREATOR THROUGH STRIPE - YOU WILL CONTINUE TO RECEIVE THE SERVICE FOR FREE. The subscription fees will be for NEW sellers only.

We will also be going back to having recently uploaded and most popular videos on our front page. Plus, we will be offering a "FEATURED VIDEOS" section where you can pay to be a highlighted creator.

This is gonna be FUN!! Hope you are as excited as we are.

We'll keep you posted.

The HowTubes.TV Team


Promotion, that's the fun part! Don't worry about not having enough Followers or Likes in the beginning. Some even try to artificially inflate these numbers. That could get you into trouble, by the way. Just don't worry about it so much. We've all gotta start somewhere.

You have to enjoy the process. Be creative with your social media posts. Be genuinely friendly with your Followers and when you comment on other people's posts, whether it's Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, whatever.

If you followed our previous post advice about doing something you would do anyway, you are connecting with your TRIBE - people that enjoy what you do. It should be fun. It is fun!

Instagram. On Instagram you will be creating a picture post. Make it artistic, fun, funny, or informative for your Followers. The easiest thing to do is to post a nicely edited screenshot from your most recent video, and in the description, be sure to put the link to your HowTubes.TV channel, it's full url.

To simplify the process, create a short description of what you do along with your channel's url link, and place it permanently in your device's notebook or Word file. You might want to also have your list of 30 hashtags ready to go as well. So with every post you do you can just pop over there, then copy and paste it into your latest post. Easy. Done.

Hashtags. On Instagram you are allowed to place 30 hashtags with every post. Place all 30 every time! Instagram will give you hints once you start typing. You'll probably have several categories of interest, so go ahead and create more than one set of 30 tags. Create a group for each interest. Then put them in your notes for easy transfer.

Time-Savers. From Instagram you can also, at the same time, post directly to your Facebook business page, and also to Twitter. This saves posting time. Do it to get your HowTubes.TV channel name and url out there. Interaction is another story. If you have the time, go to each platform separately and connect with your people.

OnlyFans. If you don't already have an OnlyFans account, create one. It's a great place to post a bunch of pictures (and gifs) from your video and earn a tidy little profit from your monthly subscription fee, while you are at it. They will let you post up to 40 pics at a time. And remember to connect with your fans there. It's a friendly environment and they're the best. Be sure to put your HowTubes.TV channel link with every post.

Create a short intro video. For the FREE video websites like YouTube (or the apps like Periscope, LiveMe, YouNow, Twitch, or TikTok) make a "Teaser" clip or something like a movie trailer, or even just a short intro video of you describing what is in your video for sale. You see these all the time at the beginning of YouTube videos (before the channel's animated logo flashes).

This is your commercial. It's what lets the world know where you are and what you do. Be sure to let them know that "the link is below" and then trust that they will come. IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL COME. ; )

After all, they are your adoring fans. They will be happy to support you in your new endeavor.


So to summarize the process:

1. You create your video then upload it to HowTubes.TV

2. You create a super short intro video for it and upload it to the free sites, along with your channel link.

3. You take a screenshot from the video and post it to Instagram (and also to Facebook and Twitter at the same time).

4. To OnlyFans upload a bunch of screenshots from your video (and gifs if you've made some) and place your channel link in the post.


HowTubes.TV - check

YouTube - check

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook - check, check, check

OnlyFans - check

Being your own Social Media Manager. Are we done? Almost. Now we CONNECT (a social media manager's work is never done!). Go to each platform and "Like" all the nice comments you've received. (Ignore the Haters, if you have any. The worst thing you can do is engage them. If they don't get any attention, they will disappear. What you focus on expands. So focus on the good stuff.) After you've Liked all the nice comments (or responded with a little heart), go ahead and reply to the ones that move you. Keep it positive, lighthearted, and short.

Then Follow a few like-minded others. Keep it organic though. No spam. No more than 50 an hour on Instagram, for instance. Find out what the limits are for each of your platforms. Then look at what those you have followed are posting and leave some nice comments of your own. The algorithms will love you both for this.

Quick Social Media Check List:

1. Have you Liked the comments you've received?

2. Have you answered some?

3. Have you Followed like-minded others?

3. Have you commented on their stuff?

Good. You're DONE.

Do you have to do all this every day? Sure, if you're Super Man or Woman. Otherwise, find your flow or rhythm. Fit it in where you can and trust that it will grow naturally over time.

Got questions? Let us know. We're here to help.

The HowTubes.TV Team

A Question About Equipment

Do you have to have a professional microphone, a high end camera, special lighting equipment and a studio to get started - spending thousands of dollars? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

We recommend starting right where you are. You probably have a phone with a video camera. Just push the Selfie button and start filming. It's that easy.

When your video is complete, go to our website from the same device you just did your recording (or if you need to you can upload your video to Google photos first and from there download it to another device or desktop), create a channel (if you haven't already) and click upload video under the Videos tab.

Got questions? Let us know. We're here to help.

The HowTubes.TV Team


Our best advice for becoming a "HowTuber" (same as YouTuber but BETTER : ) Choose the thing you would do anyway even if you didn't get paid for it. For some that's their daily workout or yoga session. For others, makeup application or even shopping!

The reason we suggest this is because, not only will your work not FEEL like work, but the motivation is already there to get it done. In fact, you'll find that it just happens. It's just part of who you are. No special discipline needed. We call it BLISS-ipline!

You are just being you (and filming it for your fans!). And next thing you know... Ta da! You've monetized your life!

Be light about it. Be natural. HAVE FUN! And most of all just be yourself. : )

Got questions? Let us know. We're here to help.

The HowTubes.TV Team