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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: My login doesn't work

A: Try refreshing the page. If that doesn't work, try clearing the cache in your browser.

Q. How do I UNSUBSCRIBE from a Playlist?

A. At the bottom of the Playlist's page there is a CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION button.

Q. How do I PUBLISH my video after uploading it?

A. Click on your channel's name under account settings.

Under the Videos tab click "Edit Video" on the video you wish to publish.

Then check the box "Publish" next to the purple SAVE button at the bottom.

And then click SAVE again and your video will be published.

You will see that it says "Published: Yes" now after you close the edit box (with the X in the upper right corner).

Q. Stripe is not available in my country. Can I signup another way?

A. HowTubes.TV is not available in every country. And our payment processor Stripe, does not service every country.

It has been brought to our attention that Stripe is not available in Africa. So we are currently in discussions with DPO, an African payment processor. 

We hope to connect with them soon. If that does not happen, we will actively seek another payment processor that can service Africans.

We are also seeking to add more payment processors in the future for other countries not served.

Please check back for updates on this issue.

Q. I didn't receive my Password Reset email.

A. First try checking your Spam folder. If it is there, be sure to mark it Not Spam.

If it is not there, try waiting 10-15 minutes as some email servers add a delay for security reasons. 

Q. The site is not showing up (or showing up in a weird way).

A. It might be your internet connection. If refresh doesn't work, turn your device completely off. Then restart it. It should show up now.

Q. I've noticed that some videos have more likes than views. How can that be?

A. Staff reviews. When one of our staff views a video it doesn't show up as a view. But they can still LIKE it. Think of these as "Staff Picks".