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HowTubes.TV to Offer Free Viewing and Ad-Share with Creators 

Sherida, WY, USA, September 28, 2020 - / -

HowTubes.TV (the popular YouTube alternative) will soon be moving to an ads model, partnering with Adsense for its “All Audiences” content, and ExoClick for its “Mature-rated” content. This is exciting news as it means FREE content for its Viewers and an Ad-Share program for its Creators, very similar to YouTube. 

Because Adsense is a part of the mix, those who are already signed up and earning with YouTube, will feel quite safe and comfortable adding a second platform to (potentially) double their income. 

HowTubes.TV (HTTV) says it will be some time before the ad-share program is fully implemented, however, as Adsense’s requirements for sharing with additional content creators is quite stringent. HTTV does not yet have the 100k viewers a day as needed. But momentum is picking up fast and they expect that, once viewing becomes FREE, Users will multiply at an exponential rate. The site currently claims more than six thousand Users and Subscribers. 

There will be zero signup charges for Basic viewing. Seller Tools, however, are moving to a subscription model (to be kept quite nominal compared to other subscriber video platforms). As a Bonus to current Sellers, the site is “Grand Fathering” the Seller Tools to current Creators for free (those already signed up and earning through Stripe).

Look for free viewing to be implemented in the next few weeks. Ad-Share will take a bit longer, from a few months to a year or more. Creators are encouraged to start uploading free videos right away, though, as (just like YouTube) there will be a “Viewed Hours” requirement before they can qualify for the Ad-Share programs. 

The Ad-Share programs will come as a relief to those in countries not serviced by Stripe. All that will be needed is an Adsense account. ExoClick payouts will be processed by the site itself, and ExoClick claims to service “every” country. 

Another benefit of ExoClick is that, unlike YouTube, they do not mind mature content. Age-restricted content cannot be monetized on YouTube. So, having HTTV as an additional resource, will not only give mature content creators an additional platform for income, but HTTV is considered Mature content friendly, which YouTube is not. 

HTTV does not allow pornography but, like Vimeo, does allow some mature content such as Naked Yoga, Naked Baking, and sexy girl “Try on Hauls”. Like OnlyFans, the site offers a PRIVATE CHANNEL option and is not judgmental of porn site affiliation (which Vimeo claims to be and even deletes accounts for). The site strongly feels that Creators should never be made to feel ashamed of their content, understanding the hard work involved, and it assures that content (unless illegal) will never be deleted. 

Mature content is frowned upon by YouTube, and Creators are often flagged, and even have entire channels “Suspended” (think all content deleted), even if that content was age-restricted by the uploader and within Community Guidelines. The problem being that anyone can flag: Competition, Haters, or the “Prude Police” (which YouTube actually endorses and encourages). All of which can take a channel down. 

In addition to the changes stated above, HTTV will also be starting an Ads-Free Subscription program, similar to YouTube Red. A few more things to look for in the coming weeks and months include streaming front page videos of Most Recently Uploaded, Most Popular, and a Featured Content section where Creators can pay to have their content highlighted. 

We are told though, that as a security measure, all new users will soon be required to upload an (uncharged) credit card for ID and age-verification purposes. This site is not intended for children. All accounts, both Viewer and Creator, must be owned and managed by an adult. 

So, if you have been waiting to sign up, now is the time, before any of these new programs are fully implemented.


HowTubes.TV Launches as New YouTube Alternative

Sherida, WY, USA, 2020-Jul-09 — /EPR Network/ —

YouTubers will be excited to hear about a new video platform called HowTubes.TV, another option for marketing their videos. HowTubes.TV is an ads-free alternative that was designed by a YouTuber, specifically to help YouTubers earn more money from their videos and more quickly than they do on YouTube.

Creators can upload videos, promote them, and make money that same day. They can sell individual videos or offer subscriptions to multiple Playlists within a channel, which can build a solid residual income.

HowTubes.TV offers the same features as YouTube plus some that are unique, such as a Private Channel setting to avoid malicious flagging. And a Mature Content rating that can be monetized (YouTube’s age-restricted content is not allowed monetization).

HowTubes.TV is not prudish. It does not allow pornography but Creators will not be penalized for having affiliation with Adult websites, which is frowned upon by most video platforms. Vimeo will delete your account for this.

Creators are encouraged to keep their YouTube channel for promotion of their exclusive paid content on HowTubes.TV.

Startup is FREE and easy. The site takes a small percentage of sales. No sales, no payments due. HowTubes.TV is partnered with Stripe, a trusted leader in online payment processing.