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"I have been on the site for about 3 months and am thrilled with the results! I did just what was recommended on the HOW IT WORKS page. I was only on 2 social media platforms, so I added two more as they suggest.

I upload about 4 videos a week. And for every video I place on this site, I also place a short introductory video on YouTube and Twitter (you could also do this on Facebook but I don't have a Facebook account), and along with it I put the url link to my channel here.

On my Instagram page I put a single screenshot from the video along with my channel link here. And on my OnlyFans I put a bunch of pics from the video along with my channel link here.

AND IT WORKS!!!! By leveraging my following on those other sites I've had almost 500 sales in about 3 months (481 to be exact) and I've had 15,052 views!!!

So it works, guys. But you have to promote yourself. Nothing will happen if you don't promote. PROMOTE - PROMOTE - PROMOTE!! Lol. It's a bit of work. But it's worth it! I am already making enough money to be able to quit my day job soon.

Oh, yes. I've also gained about 30 Subscribers. So at 9.99 a month each, that is about $300 dollars a month recurring (and growing all the time!). Thank you HowTubes.TV !!"

- Private Channel