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How to make a Cat talk! (My FIRST VIDEO EVER! On my 2012 Phone - My TALKING CAT! : )
1 year ago
Class Description:
Today: Feb. 11, 2020 Keek has since passed. She lived to be 15 years old and died in my arms in 2018. Even tho she was old, I was devastated. Mini (the talker) is still with us, giving the dogs a hard time, the tiny little alpha that she is. Original Description: "Sorry about the poor quality. All I have to film with at the moment is my phone. The cats are a Dilute Calico Persian and a Silver Tabby White. The Persian was a less than 1 lb. feral kitten that we saved from some mean neighborhood Toms about 2 years ago. She had a gash across her face, tearing eyes (for a month), and (if you look close enough) you'll see that she's missing a tooth on top and has a Snaggle Tooth (sticking straight out) on the bottom. Still, from day 1, she's been the QUEEN of the house. Her name is Mini and the older girl is Keek (short for La Femme Nikita! Even though she's the passivist, usually letting Mini have her way).
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