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10 Things You Should Know About The Labrador | Pets Guide
1 month ago
10 Things You Should Know About The Labrador | Pets Guide 🔥 About the Labrador Retriever 🔥 The Labrador Retriever's strong physique and open, happy temperament make it one of the more tireless breeds. Swimming, chasing, playing, walking with its owner – the Labrador Retriever is up for anything and everything! If you want a breed that makes training easy, that's very intelligent, balanced and, above all, playful, the Labrador Retriever is for you. Most Labrador Retrievers also particularly love children. It's important to remember that this breed does have one fairly big motivator – their appetite! This can make it challenging to maintain a Labrador Retriever's healthy weight, more so than with other breeds. However, with a balanced, healthy diet and plenty of exercise it's certainly achievable. 🔥 Breed specifics 🔥 Group ➡️ FCI Group 8, AKC Sporting Group Size category ➡️ Large Avg life expectancy ➡️ 10–14 years ➡️ Even-tempered / Agile / Adaptable / Loyal / Intelligent / Loving / Lively 🔥 Key facts 🔥 ➡️ Needs a lot of space ➡️ Needs a lot of exercise ➡️ Gentle with children In this video, we are going to discuss ➡️ 10 Things You Should Know About The Labrador ➡️ Labrador retriever: the pros & cons of owning one ➡️ Labrador retriever pros and cons ➡️ Labrador pros and cons ➡️ Labrador retriever puppy The video is going to be amazing so make sure you stick to the end. Follow us on our website: ❤️ Let us know your opinion in the comment section below. ❤️ This was all for today. Hope you liked the video. 👍 Do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Stay safe and we will be back soon with another video. ABOUT OUR CHANNEL📜 Pets Guide is also run by a pet person whose almost everything revolves around his furry friends. From what to feed them, where to lay them, to what is the best product for them, everything concerns me, and I am pretty sure you are just like me. Check out our channel here: Don't forget to subscribe! 📌CHECK OUT OUR OTHER VIDEOS 🎥 ➡️10 Signs Your Dog Hates You | Why your dog doesn't love you? 🔗 ➡️Most Adorable Small Dog Breeds 🔗 ➡️Top 15 Common Myths About Dogs | Avoid These Now 🔗 ➡️10 Things You Should Know About The Labrador 🔗 FIND US AT🔍 ➡️ 📌FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL 📱 ➡️Instagram 🔗 ➡️Facebook 🔗 #dog #labradordog #labradors #labradorpuppy Related Searches: buy a labrador puppy labrador puppy cost price of labrador puppy things to know about lab puppies why labradors are the worst dogs average lifespan of labrador labrador retriever lifespan License Creative Commons Attribution license
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