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Runner Nutrition 3 Points: Best Diet, Food, & How To Implement
Sports Nutrition
2 months ago
On today's episode of Training Talk Tuesday, we cover: NUTRITION and how to use it to maximize athletic performance. Focusing on Endurance Running, we will discuss nutritional concepts that you can take with you the rest of your life. The research discussed is CITED below for you to fact-check! ***FDA = "Food and Drug Administration"! Not..."Federal Department of Agriculture" :) My discussion revolves around three main points: 1. The BEST Diet 2. FOODS that support that diet 3. Practical STRATEGIES to implement this diet Within this Training Talk, we learn about optimal macronutrient composition (60%carbs/30%fats/10%protein), utilizing natural food sources for a healthier diet, and practical ways to be accountable to yourself and fit this diet into your life/training cycle. Side topics covered: how to quickly read a nutrition label, what an FDA approved food is, great food-tracking apps and how to use them, ways to overcome binging and sudden food cravings, protein requirements for endurance runners/athletes, the use of dietary fat to maintain testosterone. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CITED RESEARCH - The 60/30/10 Diet is best for endurance athletes. Also discusses recommended Protein for endurance runners - A ketogenic (low carb) diet may benefit body composition, but may not benefit performance. Weight loss, physical recovery seemed to improve; Loss of power, decreased time to exhaustion during testing - Protein requirements for endurance athletes are higher on workout/training days - Sufficient dietary fat intake supports a myriad of important physiological functions in athletes - There is evidence that dietary fat influences anabolic hormone concentrations - The type of lipid appears to influence circulating Testosterone concentrations: Monounsaturated & Saturated Fatty Acids account for approx 60% of variance in Testosterone concentrations - Great article on glycogen metabolism: glycogen is a readily mobilized storage form of glucose; glucose from glycogen is readily mobilized and is therefore a good source of energy for sudden, strenuous activity - Interesting article on marathon effort compared to available glycogen in the legs/liver: running at around 55% of your VO2 max (no faster or slower) is optimal for not hitting the wall prior to finishing - The FDA and reviewing dietary supplements: FDA doesn’t approve structure-function claims on dietary supplements and other foods (e.g. calcium builds strong bones); dietary supplements are not reviewed and approved by FDA based on their safety and effectiveness Great Resources for Independent Research: FREE database of research articles: - just type in some key-words from your question! (e.g. calcium for runners) Excellent Sports Nutrition Journal - A fun internet forum, where the posts and comments are generally a) professional and b) cited with research - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOLLOW ME ON SUPPORT ME ON GEAR Daily Training Shoes: Tempo/Workout/Shorter-Distance Racing Shoes that I luv: Marathon Racing Shoes: Watch: License: Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed) Source
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