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6 months ago
Pre-Order The New Album: The official music video for Behemoth's "The Deathless Sun" from the album "Opvs Contra Natvram" - out September 16th via Nuclear Blast Records. Watch the official performance video for "The Deathless Sun" here: Follow Behemoth: Subscribe: Site: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: LYRICS: I am nothing Without him, nothing is I am no one It is he Sol Invictvs The deathless sun My god is the all devouring pyre My goddess dwells in Hadean somber tides Burst forth from the crushing depths as Leviathan And then descend into the bowels ov the Earth The imperial throne is set to dominate The powers ov ruthless zephyr forever shall reign My god is the all consuming fire Fated centre ov the bottomless pit He’s the void beyond any cipher Starless night immortally lit When the throne ov the carnal world’s restrained The powers ov ruthless zephyr forever shall reign Let’s drink to he ov the shining morn To the lacerated yet so divine To the sun that evermore shall rise To my ascent, to thy demise I am nothing Without him, nothing is I am no one It is he Sol Divinvs The deathless sun CREDITS: Production company: 9LITER FILMY Screenwriter: Błażej Jankowiak Director: Błażej Jankowiak Script Supervisor: Ireneusz Jankowiak Production Manager: Piotr Abłasewicz Executive Producer: Adam Darski Producer: BEHEMOTH DOP: Błażej Jankowiak Camera Operator: Błażej Jankowiak, Patryk Szewczyk 1st Camera Asst.: Jakub Piskorz Gaffer: Jakub Piskorz Asst. Prod. Manager: Anna Żychowska Casting Director: Błażej Jankowiak Casting Assistant: Piotr Abłasewicz Location Manager: Piotr Abłasewicz Location Scout: Anna Żychowska Set Decorator: Łukasz Włodarczyk Set decor crew: Tomasz Bryniak, Jerzy Staszczyk, Ivan Bohatyr SFX: Redo SFX, Kostrzewski SFX, Rob Kowanski Prop Master: Michał Trzeciak Prop Master II: Anna Nowacka- Zapart MUA: Monika Baranik MUA : Dorota Piecha Costume Designer: Marta Święch - Torri Design VFX: Roto Artists: Sergiusz Teodorczyk Tracking: Adrian Pełka Matte Painting: Małgorzata Gruszka Matte Painting: Maciej Drabik Animation: Dariusz Dzioboń Modeling: Piotr Habdas 3D Simulations: Rafał Castelli Rendering: Piotr Habdas Compositing: Krzysztof Mikołajczyk Compositing: Rafał Rosłonek Compositing: Adrian Pełka CG Supervisor: Krzysztof Mikołajczyk VFX Producer: Tomasz Różycki Asst. Coordinator: Ewelina Łęczyńska Driver: Jakub Bujak Runner: Mateusz Koza Animal Services: Szymon Polednik Horses: Rancho Leśna Monkeys: Iwona Kosek Cast: Krystian Wieczyński Rafał Kaliński Anna Banasik Paweł Nowak Maria Ficek Nikodem Kapuściński Amelia Bednarz Monika Dądela Marta Grygiel Natalia Pychińska Mirosława Bohacka Barbara Hrabowska Bartłomiej Kabała Kazimierz Kamiński Klaudia Dziuk Monika Rupik Adam Lach Ala Markiewicz Jarosław Necek Sebastian Kuśmierczyk Ireneusz Fojcik Robert Cebo Daniel Woch Marek Ferdyczak Piotr Siwik Teresa Stochniol Zbigniew Zbijan  License Creative Commons Attribution license   
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