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The 7 Best Books For Facilitators (2022)
2 weeks ago
These are our 7 favourite books about facilitation and workshopping (in no particular order 😉). They are packed with facilitation techniques and frameworks, workshop exercises and workshop recipes and design thinking principles. In other words, everything you'd need to facilitate any workshop or session confidently. In this video AJ&Smart CEO and Workshop Facilitator, Jonathan Courtney, shares a list of what we consider the best books for facilitators. These 7 books have had a great influence in the way we facilitate our own workshops and we hope they can help you in your own facilitation career. ➡️ If you want a more compact version of our learnings, then check out our FREE training and find out how to become a high-paid facilitator: 🤔 Have you read any of these books? What's your favourite facilitation and workshopping book? Share your answer in the comments below 👇 ⏰ Video timestamps: 0:00 Intro 0:44 Book 1 - Visual Thinking 1:38 Book 2 - Creative Confidence 2:28 Book 3 - The Workshopper Playbook 3:09 Book 4 - Gamestorming 4:02 Book 5 - Sprint 5:07 Book 6 - The Surprising Power Of Liberating Structures 6:25 Book 7 - The Secrets Of Facilitation 9:21 The rotten paint story 📚 Links to the books mentioned in the video: 1️⃣ Visual Thinking by Willemien Brand 2️⃣ Creative Confidence by Tom Kelley, David M. Kelley 3️⃣ The Workshopper Playbook by Jonathan Courtney 4️⃣ Gamestorming by James Macanufo, Sunni Brown, Dave Gray 5️⃣ Sprint by Jake Knapp 6️⃣ The Surprising Power Of Liberating Structures by Henri Lipmanowicz, Keith McCandless 7️⃣ The Secrets Of Facilitation by Michael Wilkinson Thanks for watching! ---- #Facilitation #Workshops #AJSmart 📗If you want to learn even more about how to run workshops then grab our Free Facilitation Guidebook 📩 If you want to stay ahead of the Workshop / Facilitation game, level up your career, and be in the know on the nerdiest, 'techiest' things, sign up for our FREE newsletter here: 👇 📝 👀 🔔 And if you haven't yet subscribe to our Youtube channel for more Workshop / Facilitation Skills/ Career / and Design Sprint videos: ❤️ Want more? Join 200,000+ people subscribing to our AJ&Smart YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram channels for free content to help you and your team do more valuable work. AJ&Smart is the #1 design sprint firm in the world, the official Design Sprint training partner with Jake Knapp, inventor of the google design sprint, and partner of choice for the world's most successful brands. The 7 Best Books For Facilitators (2022) License Creative Commons Attribution license
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