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Age 62! Yoga after Cardio & Weight Training (Workout below) 7 7 21
40+ 50+ 60+ Fitness Inspiration
3 months ago
Today's WORKOUT: CARDIO 10 minutes Elliptical WEIGHT TRAINING (45 minutes): Rest 30 seconds between sets. Hand weights 10 lbs. Both arms at same time. Bicep Curl to overhead lifts x 12 Hammer curl to overhead lifts x 12 Delts Forward & Backward rotations x 12 each Circular lift (touching wts lo and hi) x 8 Extended Bicep & Hammer curls (ea side) x 16 Seated Chest Fly x 12 Reclined Chest Fly x 12 MACHINES: Bicep Curl 55 lbs x 12 Triceps Press 125 lbs x 12 Forward Push 90 lbs x 12 (2 sets) Calves 170 lbs x 28 Shoulder Press (Push up) 70 lbs x 12 (2 sets) Press Down 110 lbs x 24 Chest Fly 70 lbs x 8 (2 sets) Seated Row (Pull Back) 85 lbs x 12 Pull Down in Front 100 lbs x 8 Pull Down behind Head 85 lbs x 8 Seated Leg Curls 120 lbs, 110 lbs, 100 lbs, 90 lbs, x 4 reps each. Leg Extensions 110 lbs x 8 (2 sets) Seated Leg Press (Seat high) 350 lbs x 12 reps (4 sets with different foot positions - Normal, Wide, Close, & each Leg supported) or (Seat low) 170 lbs x 8 (full extension) + 12 pulses. Hip Adductor (press in with thighs) 250 lbs x 8 (2 sets) Hip Abductor (press out) 250 lbs x 8 (2 sets) ***** Hi! I am a 60+ Certified Yoga Instructor. I am certified by Delhi Yoga in India and qualify at the advanced level with the Yoga Alliance of America. I am also working on my 5th Black Belt! I hold rank in Karate, Taekwondo, Shintoshi, Muay Thai, and Jiu Jitsu. 2020 was my (would have been my) 48th year of practice. After taking a year off (in quarantine) I AM A BEGINNER AGAIN. Watch me get back into shape. Better yet, get into shape with me!  : ) My Nudist Yoga channel:
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