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Heal the Land
by Fechi
1 month ago
Type:  OTHER
lizzy lyrics on Fiverr
Class Description:
“Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen”. Lizzy_lyrics is here to make your dream lyrics videos happen. Lizzy_lyrics has taken several years to master the act of lyrics videos production and is committed to delivering an excellent work. Be rest assured that Lizzy_lyrics will give you a professional lyrics videos you ever wanted. Hello! I am Lizyy, I am a professional videographer and video editor. I provide music video making service to interpret your song into a music video. I can do amazing lyrics for your songs of any music style. I have many years of experience in music video production and lyrics. Just send me your song I will listen to it deeply to make a video that matches with your song's genre, the theme and the atmosphere. Contact: Here are some features of my service: Professional Video Editing: You can add any logo, artist name, song title for free The output will be 1920x1080 Full HD. Contact: ***** PREMIUM ( 60 minutes for $45) I will TRANSCRIBE, TRANSLATE, ADD SUBTITLES and do EDITING (per your instructions) to your video. 2 Days DeliveryUnlimited Revisions Embed Subtitles Transcription Translation SRT File Add Logo Contact: ***** PREMIUM SUBTITLES: $45 •Premium Subtitles & Captions •Videos up to 15 mins •You provide the Transcripts. 3 Days DeliveryUnlimited Revisions Embed Subtitles Transcription Translation SRT File Add Logo Contact: ***** PREMIUM $70 60 sec Video, Full HD 1080. Background Music, script writing & premium footages 3 Days Delivery Scriptwriting 60 Seconds Running Time Background Music Contact:
Music Credits:
"Heal the Land" by Fechi. Copyright 2021.
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