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Chanel West Coast Laugh Ringtone [WITH FREE DOWNLOAD LINK]
1 year ago
Subscribe For More! Download This Ringtone For FREE: Subscribe: She’s not fazed. Chanel West Coast had the best response to a shady remark about her laugh on a sultry new photo she posted to her Instagram page on Sunday, August 18. The Ridiculousness star posed for the camera while rocking a crochet one piece in her latest snap, leading one person to address her signature chuckle, which has become one of her staples over the years. “Hot body, but I can hear the laugh through the picture,” one person wrote in the comment section, adding a face with a cold sweat emoji. Chanel, 30, later replied, “Everyone loves the laugh. Only mean and miserable people dislike it lol.” Several of Chanel’s followers saw the exchange and showed support to the MTV alum. “The laugh should be trademarked,” one claimed, while another added, “Personally love her laugh. I literally wait for it. The videos aren’t honestly even funny unless @chanelwestcoast is laughing IMO.” A third chimed in, “your laugh is genuine and so contagious lol.”It looks like Chanel embraces her giggle as well, because her Instagram bio reads, “Rapper/Singer/Professional Laugher.” The reality star, whose real name is Chelsea “Chanel” Dudley, previously became a fan-favorite as the rapping receptionist on Rob Dyrdek’s hit show, Fantasy Factory, and she now appears on Ridiculousness, where they review viral videos shared online. Chanel has clearly learned to handle her nay-sayers like a pro, considering she previously shut down a salty remark on an Instagram post showing her twerking at home. “Every other bitch who poses with their p—y out got a man, so F U, you frigid bitch. I’m an amazing woman and twerking in my living room has nothing to do with what type of man I will find,” Chanel fired back, proving she’s not letting haters get under her skin. “Stop being so judgy and lighten up.”Alright, let's just be honest here. We love Rob Dyrdek. We love Sterling "Steelo" Brim. But if Ridiculousness didn't have Chanel West Coast, would it really be as good? There would still be the funny videos, Rob laughing on stage, and Steelo cringing at any painful-looking moment, but Chanel brings things to a whole new level. The truth is, loads of people would love Chanel's job. In an interview on Hot 97 in 2015, Steelo spoke with Laura Stylez about Ridiculousness. Stylez said the first time she watched the show, she called her friend to talk about Chanel, saying, "There's this girl. How the f**k did she get this job — this Chanel West Coast, man? The best job ever! Watching funny videos and talking s**t." When Steelo called her out on it and said, "You wanted the job," Laura laughed and said, "Of course!" The truth is though, no one can do what our girl Chanel can do. There's no one quite like Chanel West Coast. She's been with Ridiculousness since 2011, according to Newsweek, so she goes way back with Rob Dyrdek. But Chanel has remained in the spotlight because she can do so much. According to her Instagram bio, she's a self-proclaimed "Rapper/Singer/Songwriter/Host/Actress." That's a lot to juggle, but she does it. In a very entertaining house tour with In Touch in March 2020, Chanel gave the crew an inside look at her life. In her dining room, she showed off a shelf of memories, including some awards that prove how accomplished she is, most notably a BET Award she won with Young Money in 2014. She had another one from YouTube for her first 100,000 subscribers, but proudly pointed out, "I have way more than that now." Chanel also showed her "Ridicky" award and clarified that it wasn't from a "real award show," but that they just made their own Ridiculousness awards. She won for the best laugh. "I think I deserved that," she said. Yup! On her home tour with In Touch, Chanel West Coast showed off her glam room — complete with a vanity filled with makeup, some of her shoes, a wall of wigs, and her gorgeous performance clothing, including a sexy, orange suit she wore opening for Cardi B. Wow! Behind-the-scenes shots of her glam room show how dedicated she is to serving looks while hosting Ridiculousness. She even has a custom chair, commissioned by her hair and makeup crew from Ridiculousness, with "West Coast" written on the back in rhinestones. When she admitted she's going to bring the chair to set, she said, "I already know that Rob and Sterling are going to make fun of me for having this new, extremely blinged-out chair on set, but I don't really care." Chanel doesn't just serve looks... she creates looks with her clothing line, LOL Cartel. In the tour, she showed off some items that she keeps in the house to give to influencers, so she obviously knows a thing or two about creating killer fashion. And her style isn't the only thing she takes seriously. #Ringtone #Minim #iPhoneRingtone #SamsungRingtone #Shorts License: Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)
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