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Paying Strangers to Make CREEPY Art For Me...
5 months ago
🎃 HALLOWEEN MERCH DROP 🎃 🎨GAOMON:🎨 Check out the 90 USD Coupon Gaomon's PD2200 on to get one at 369USD: US: All Countries: Other GAOMON Hot Sales: ★S630-5” Pen Tablst 28USD Flash Sale Price 15% OFF All Countries: ★ M1230-10" Pen Tablet 59.99USD after clipping $10 Coupon All Countries: ★PD1161-11.6" Pen Display 199.99 Flash Sale Price $20 OFF All Countries: ★PD156PRO-15.6" Pen Display 399USD Price All Countries: ★PD2200-21.5" Pen Display 399.99 Flash Sale Price $100 OFF All Countries: ✨GIVEAWAY:✨ All you need to do is find the word "hello" which is creatively hidden in one of my past videos... if you find it, send me a screenshot on Twitter or Instagram and if you're the first, then the tablet is YOURS! I'll release more hints on Instagram and Twitter if nobody finds it quickly... so be sure to keep an eye on those 👀 "Intruder alert. Intruder alert... I check my file for info, but all it does is divert... A pledge of money, a cunning bunny... and a jelly almost hurt... the monster's a skeleton who yearns to fight... His treasure's left in the open, visible in plain sight... But be weary of his wrath, though his weapon's not to fear... it's not his axe, but don't relax, it's something more severe... He will approach his prey in the dead of night... And when you least expect it, he'll take a part of you, with a mega bite". - Become a WOBBLY BOI: • Jelly Jess MERCH! • TWITTER: @JellyJessYT • INSTAGRAM: @JellyJess YT • TIKTOK: @JellyJessYT • SECOND CHANNEL: jolly jess • - In today's video, I thought it would be fun to pay strangers a ridiculous amount of money to make some spooky art for me... from a potential face reveal to cute designs and terrifying art, these artists have all made amazing and unique pieces. It's always so inspiring to do these videos! To see the first Fiverr video I made, click here: (0:00) Intro (0:20) PART 1... Getting everything ready (1:55) PART 2... Revealing the artworks (4:51) Spooky Merch! (5:18) PART 2 (continued) (6:51) Art Tablet GIVEAWAY! (9:57) PART 2 (continued... again) (12:30) PART 3... The guessing game (14:06) Outro ARTIST'S FEATURED IN THE VIDEO (in order): • nisanivi - • hairocroto - • diegggo - • ulumbachrul - • ipunkherlambang - • pencilillness - • wolle19 - • bubbleuteaa - - Big THANK YOU to my amazing Wobbly Bois: - Gianna Guseman - Joshua Hasinski - chaoswizard - teabear124 - ABBIE K - Josie Woahsie - CreativeJamiePlays - Aieclakx - Horror Rewind - Vivian Fischer - Robert Ewing - Mr Skittles - Gladian00b - Written, narrated and created by: JellyJess Animation assistance by: Additional visuals by: Taya: All music is Royalty-Free, licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 I have permission to use the audio in this video! License Creative Commons Attribution license
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